Investment & Tax Management

  • Evaluate current portfolio and look for opportunities to increase potential returns
  • Provide annual asset allocation review and account rebalancing
  • Review your investment strategy to maintain an individualized investment portfolio
  • Discuss the tax benefits relating to the optimization of your 401(k), 403(b) or other retirement plan options
  • Utilize tax aware investment strategies (ETFs, Municipal Bonds, Tax Loss Harvesting, etc.)

Retirement Planning

  • Develop a plan to allow you to retire at the age and level of income you desire
  • Evaluate pension plan structures, IRAs, Roth IRAs or qualified plans
  • Social Security income optimization: determining at what age to begin taking benefits
  • Calculate IRS required minimum distributions (RMDs) from applicable retirement accounts and educate you on the regulations
  • Evaluate Roth IRA conversion opportunities to determine
    if appropriate


Estate Planning

  • Advise you on the implementation and proper use of estate planning tools: wills, trusts, powers-of-attorney, etc.
  • Review ownership and beneficiary designations on all accounts
  • Provide education and guidance on charitable giving strategies
  • Provide recommended strategies to reduce or eliminate future estate tax liabilities
  • When appropriate, consider advanced estate planning strategies such as CRTs, CRATs, ILITs, FLPs, etc.

Personalized Financial Planning

  • Develop, establish and track financial goals: focusing on priorities, direction and structure
  • Analyze major financial decisions and calculate what impact they have on your financial plan (buy a house, sell a business, retire early, etc.)
  • Analyze and explain how to best utilize employer benefits
  • Evaluate stock option and RSU planning strategies
  • Analyze debt structure and organization and assess opportunities for potential improvement
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Investor Behavior Coaching & Education

  • Help you understand the various attitudes toward money and the financial decision-making process associated with each of them
  • Advise on reactive and emotional decisions that impact your investment portfolio
  • Support you through transitional phases: major illness, death, inheritance, job change, retirement, child birth, divorce, legal issues or other crises
  • Quarterly newsletters and monthly market updates
  • Invitations to educational events featuring financial industry professionals

Insurance Review

  • Evaluate current life, disability, long- term care, health, umbrella, property and auto insurance and look for opportunities for improvement and money savings
  • Provide assistance in evaluating and selecting the most appropriate Medicare Supplement policy upon reaching age 65

Business Owner Planning Strategies

  • Establish and maintain qualified retirement plans for the business (401(k), Defined Benefit Plans, SEP IRAs, etc.)
  • Evaluate current business insurance and recommend improvements,
    if needed
  • Analyze current employee benefits and provide options
  • Assist with Buy-Sell agreement funding and Key Person protection strategies
  • Provide information on business transition and succession strategies

Education Expense Planning

  • Calculate and define the potential future costs of a child’s higher education needs
  • Educate you on the various minor account ownership options: UTMAs, Education IRAs, 529 plans, etc.


Building wealth is a lifelong process. At Overland and Shanahan, we believe the best wealth strategies reflect that. Creating, developing, and realizing a financial objective is a long-term process. Over time our goals, the means for achieving them, and paths for arriving there can evolve. An effective financial strategy will evolve with it, capitalizing on strengths to stay on target


We begin with understanding your goals, priorities, and financial circumstances.


Our analytical assessment helps validate approaches and assumptions, surfaces possible shortfalls, and identifies an appropriate course of action.


Personalized strategies are developed and tested to identify which solutions are in your best interest.


As changes in life occur, we continually revisit your plan to make sure you stay on the path towards achieving your goals and dreams.